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Developer: Amanda Lui
Based in Los Angeles, California

Release date: April 12, 2014

Platform: Apple App Store

Device: Apple iPad


Price: $2.99


Coalesce Magazine is an iPad exclusive that delves into the topic of how different cultures connect with each other. Focusing on Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and American cultures—contemporary issues and historical examples of how language and customs overlap and mix are discussed. Coalesce celebrates multicultural habits of life, language, and individuality.


Coalesce was created by Amanda Lui as her final thesis project at CalArts. Following the release of her app, Types of Type, she was compelled to further pursue a wider scope on the topic of cultural comparisons. Intruiged by her own experiences and history with language and culture, she delved deeper into the topic of how cultures can effect each other and come together. Starting with her own existing knowledge of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and American culture Amanda researched how teh four cultures intertwined.


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About Amanda Lui

Amanda Lui is a Chinese American, born and raised in Southern California. Currently in her final year of studying Graphic Design at CalArts, she is also minoring in Cultural Studies and loves when it corrolates with her design work. Amanda enjoys designing for screen-based media such as the the web, the iPad, and other touch screen interfaces.


Amanda can be contacted at